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The Yoga Is My Health Insurance Summer Tour will inspire individuals towards healthy living, in turn their personal changes can result in broader community impact. Promoting good health in our communities can create a ripple effect across our neighborhoods, our cities, states and eventually our nation.

About Lilith Bailey-Kroll, Founder.

Lilith Bailey-Kroll is the founder of Yoga Is My Health Insurance (YIMHI). She was introduced to yoga in her teens to address physical discomfort from scoliosis, which has greatly improved with the regular practice of Yoga. Because of her own experience, she has a compassionate approach to teaching others and helping all students with their personal physical challenges.

Lilith began teaching yoga in 1999 after completing a teacher-training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. And, in 2006 opened her first clinic as a Yoga Therapist. She blends her years of experience and wealth of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics with the physical practice of yoga and breathing techniques in teaching for YIMHI.

YIMHI Workshops

All YIMHI workshops are created from evidence-based research that was proven effective. In these workshops you will learn how to identify imbalances in the musculoskeletal system, which affect spinal alignment and posture. You will learn proper alignment in yoga poses to avoid injury, balancing strength and flexibility. The workshop will cover the basic principles of anatomy in order to foster a better understanding of how the bones, joints, and muscles work harmoniously. Additionally, we will cover a dynamic dietary plan with recommendations.

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“I’ve worked with Olympic athletes, professional athletes, plus one of the trainers and mental coaches for U.S. Olympic teams,” he says. “For me to trust my body with her puts her up there as one of the really elite. I believe she is the best in that area.”

-Richard Butler, Inclusion Manager USRowing

“She’s a really good teacher. She knows that you can’t expect people to learn everything the first time, so she eases you into the correct position -- she gives you a general idea, and then  a more specific idea the next time.”

-John Moore, Musician, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

“Lilith is very good at making you feel comfortable, understanding where you are in time and space, and sensitive to what your needs are.”

-Jeffrey Smith, Stylist and salon owner

I see more of a spring in my step. I feel I have better posture, better understanding of my physique. The breathing… I’m conscious of it in a way I wasn’t before. It’s a very simple pleasure of feeling healthy.”

-John Carson, Professor of Art, Carnegie Mellon University


What is YIMHI and how is it different from other styles of yoga?

YIMHI is not a style of yoga, instead it is a holistic approach to living built upon the core principles of yoga. YIMHI's online services teach easy ways to improve health and wellness through Yoga, Meditation, Walking, Nutrition, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). 

What is a YIMHI workshop like?

A YIMHI Workshop covers yoga, meditation, and nutrition. Our goal is to assist individuals in moving to optimal health. Because each person develops a unique manifestation of injury, illness, or strain a YIMHI workshop focuses on simple individual techniques. The focus is on performing yoga postures correctly with specific actions and proper recruitment of muscles. The same focus is put on nutrition with a dynamic dietary plan. 

Who are YIMHI students?

YIMHI students come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of fitness. Most are initially drawn to YIMHI because they are looking for ways to ease the pain or fatigue they have developed from stress, injury, or illness. What keeps them coming back is the freedom they feel in their body, the calmness of their mind and the transformation they see in their lives.

Are yoga instructors able to attend the workshops?

Yes. A YIMHI workshop is a great benefit to yoga teachers, massage therapist, physical therapist and alternative health practitioners who are looking for ways to better serve their clientele. Also, 2-3 Yoga Alliance CEU's are available for a $15 fee.

Why are some workshops priced differently?

In an effort to be accessible to people across socio-economic lines and to encourage more participation YIMHI is offering workshops on the 2013 Summer Tour through sliding scale pricing. The fee for the workshop is $15-55, based on income and life circumstances. Our goal is to help you evolve into optimal health with an inclusive, non-judgmental and affordable option.


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